Who we are

Global Touring Services are a live entertainment production company
who provide hands on management of live music tours, events and shows.

The team are led by David Wright and Lisa Petrie.
Both have a combined experience of over 50 years in touring live entertainment.
David hails from the music industry and theatre, Lisa from the corporate world,
theatre and events.

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Global Expertise

& Experience

Our scope of work and experience includes live music tours in stadiums and arenas. Also theatrical arena spectaculars and large scale events.

GTS have worked extensively in the following territories:
UK, Europe & Middle East, USA, Canada & Mexico
South & Central America, China, Japan, South Korea & Russia
Australasia & South East Asia, India & Africa.


Hands On Detailed Management.

Our expertise combines the scale and speed
of the music industry with the discipline and artistry of the theatre.

Our approach is holistic whereby thecreative is upheld,
the bottom line supported and the welfare and safety of staff is managed and maintained.


GTS Deliver

Every element required to produce your show:

  • Concept Creation & Development
  • Consultancy & Budget Planning
  • Appointment & Negotiation with tour vendors
  • Pre-Production¬†
  • Tour & Production Management¬†
  • Production Coordination
  • Visas & Work Permits
  • Staffing
  • Tour Rentals

GTS individually tailor to the requirement of each client.



We stock a range of tour specific cases & equipment.

Wardrobe cases
Workboxes with drawers/tables
Backline/General Use Road Trunks
Star dressing room case with kitchen
Soft goods Hampers and Mega bins
Coffee Station

Laundry Machines
Towels : Artiste & Crew Towels
Drying Cabinet For Wardrobe
Pipe and drape systems
Make Up Mirrors & Full Length Mirrors
Hanging Rails