Preproduction, Direction & Creation

Preproduction is the key to the success of a project.

It draws the fine line between the creative, the logistical and the fiscal.

Touring a show is dealing with the day to day, but preproduction is the vital period when the most key decisions are made.

GTS have the experience to best guide those decisions and head off costly errors and mistakes.

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Tour & Production Management

  • Calm, well balanced leadership – encouraging strong morale but placing an unquestionable expectation on high quality work and production
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning.
  • Conscious management of the flow of the show build and the de-rig in and out of venues.
  • Monitoring time, money and safety critical factors.
  • Effective liaison with a local promoter and venue management with an understanding of their needs and expectations.
  • A diplomatic understanding of working in a global business with an empathy for local sensitivities and expectations.
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GTS deliver every element of producing a show. They individually tailor services to the requirement of each client.

All bases covered

The approach is holistic, whereby the creative is upheld, the bottom line supported and the welfare and safety of staff is managed and maintained.

All over the world

GTS have worked extensively in stadiums, arenas and theatres in all territories.

Production Coordination &
Theatre Company Management

Involves both the pre-production and daily running of a touring show, right up to the moment the last crew member arrives home.

We believe the welfare of the touring team is a key component to establishing staff morale and retention. 

  • Talent & Crew procurement, 
  • Staff medical & OHS
  • Contract Rider Creation and Administration
  • Budgets & Scheduling
  • Visas & Work Permits
  • International & local travel logistics 
  • Accommodation 
  • Tour Catering
  • VIP Experience
  • Press & Promotion Management  
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The Team – Creatives & Technical touring staff

GTS have an extensive database of excellent creatives and touring staff.

All have worked with David and Lisa on global projects over the last 20+ years and bring a wealth of skill, knowledge and talent to their roles.

GTS consider them amongst the best in the global touring business.

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